ImDisk Toolkit is an extension of the ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver which makes it even more capable and easier to use.

The program's major feature is its ability to mount various image formats as virtual drives, allowing you to access them in Explorer. There's support for vhd, vdi amd vmdk images, for instance; iso, nrg and bin; dmg; sdi; and raw formats, including img, ima, raw and vfd.

It's easy to create image files, too - simply right-click a drive and select "Save disk contents as image file".

You also get the ability to create a RAM disk, a super-fast virtual drive which uses your system memory. This is extremely configurable, too: you can set its size, drive letter, file system and cluster size, as well as saving its contents as an image, or loading content from an image file when it's first created.

And there are assorted smaller features, like the ability to hide specific drives in Explorer with a click.

Version 20180917:

- installer: added an option to disable automatic loading of the ImDskSvc service which is installed by the driver
- installer: added a command line switch to set the installation folder
- RamDiskUI.exe: added informations in a tooltip about the image file that can be used to load data
- raised minimal volume size to 65 KB in RamDiskUI and MountImg because of a new size check appeared in driver 2.0.8
- fix in RamDiskUI.exe: synchronization parameters were not properly registered when a ramdisk on a drive letter was defined just after one on a mount point
- fix in ImDiskTk-svc.exe: the service could crash with several ramdisks to be synchronized
- fix in MountImg.exe: when a file was selected with the "..." button, the "OK" button was not enabled

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A very powerful but easy-to-use set of virtual drive-related tools