Image DeCap is a free tool for taking screenshots and sharing them on Imgur, or sharing clipboard text on Pastebin.

The program supports capturing the full screen, active window and a rectangular region. Choose the last option and a screen magnifier enables precise positioning.

A simple editor allows freehand drawing on your capture, and there's an option to add a text caption.

The completed image can then be shared on Imgur. Its link is placed in your clipboard for immediate sharing with anyone else.

Although we've described several steps, the basic capture and upload system can be very simple. Press the hotkey for the function you need (Left Ctrl + Left Shift + 5 to save the active window), press Enter, and the lmage link is in your clipboard. Easy.

Configuration options enable saving captures locally, or uploading them to FTP.

There's also a bonus feature for sharing clipboard text to Pastebin. If anything, it's simpler: hit Left Ctrl+Left Shift + 2 (reconfigurable), your clipboard text is uploaded and replaced with a link for sharing.

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A nicely designed screenshot app with some unusual extras.