You could use your Windows desktop to carefully arrange icons for your favourite applications, and most commonly used files. And that would probably make them easier to access, too. But normally there's very little point, because if the screen resolution changes, or someone accidentally sets a new Sort order, then Windows will instantly scramble the icons again, undoing all your work.

Install IconRestorer, though, and it could all be so very different. You might set up the program to, say, back up your icon positions once every hour. And if they're rearranged for some reason - or Windows just "forgets" their positions, as it does sometimes - then clicking the "Restore" button will return them to your preferred order right away.

Just in case that's not useful enough, IconRestorer will also remember the arrangement of icons for any screen resolution that you use. It can restore your preferred order automatically, as the resolution changes. And you also have option to manually save multiple icon layouts, then restore them when you like, which opens up a whole new set of possibilities. If several people use your PC, for instance, then they can each save and load their own layout of desktop icons. (You could do this by giving them separate user accounts, of course, but this may be more convenient.)

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A simple and effective answer to a very common Windows annoyance