Hulbee Desktop is a powerful tool that makes it easy to search your PC for the documents you need.

The program builds up an index of the words used in your file and folder names, and the contents of your documents, then displays some of these in the "DataCloud". This works just like the tag cloud on a blog, so clicking one of the terms will immediately display all matching files and folders: very easy.

Of course you can also just type in a keyword or two of your own. But however you launch the search, Hulbee Desktop will then break down the results in several different ways.

You'll see how many of these files have the keyword in the file name, for instance, and how many include it in their contents.

The "Date" pane will let you know how many of these files were created today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year, or earlier.

And the Size pane categorises your results as Small, Medium, Big or Very Big.

So in just a few clicks, then, you can tell Hulbee Desktop that you're looking for small files, say, created yesterday, with your keyword in the file name - and immediately that list of maybe thousands of files will be cut down to something more manageable.

The program's indexer must run occasionally in the background, scanning new documents to ensure that they can be found. This only happens when your PC is idle, though, so it shouldn't be a problem. And you can configure how this works, including the CPU load that will be considered idle, so there's plenty of scope for tuning this to suit your needs.

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We're not entirely sure how useful Hulbee's DataCloud really is, but the program's filters do provide a very easy way to zoom in on your required files. If you're tired of Windows Search then this may be worth a look