History Viewer is a simple tool which can give you more information about what's been happening recently on your PC.

What have people been doing online, for instance? History Viewer can detail the URL history, address bar, cookies, downloads and more, for IE, Firefox and Chrome.

The program can highlight plenty of Windows-related histories, too. In a click or two you can view recently opened documents, the searches you've made, the programs you've launched, and more.

There's even a USB Storage History which displays a list of all the USB storage devices which have connected to your system.

And while the simple viewer allows you to browse all these details at a click, you can also save them to an HTML report for later reference, if appropriate.

Please note, while OSForensics is entirely free, the program will attempt to install a browser toolbar during the setup process. If that's not what you want then pay attention during installation, choose the Custom Install option when it becomes available, and clear the appropriate checkboxes to make sure you only install what you need.

Version 5.1 brings:
- Added support for Mozilla Firefox 16
- Added support for Google Chrome 23
- Added support for Internet Explorer 10
- Minor tweaks.

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History Viewer has nothing like the information-gathering power of OSForensics. And it was also benefit from being portable. Still, if you want a quick report on how a PC has been used recently then the program might be sufficient.