Hallowe’en is a great reason to have a little fun, and this can extend to livening up your desktop with a new seasonal theme. Halloween 2012 Theme enables you to give your desktop a spooky makeover with a series of wallpapers, login screens and icons. Using a theme pack makes it easier to change all of these things in one fell swoop without the need to customize each individually.

One installed, the theme pack gives you a total of eleven Hallowe’en wallpapers to choose form. Even if you have a large monitor you can enjoy these wallpapers at high resolution as they are all provided at 1920 x 1200. All the images are suitably creepy – some are more cartoony in style while others have a more gothic look.

In addition to these desktop images, there are also two logon images that you can use to further customize the appearance of your computer. The final area in which the theme can change the look of your computer is icons. There are five icons included in the pack that can be used to replace the standard icons for your computer, user account, network and the Recycle Bin in both its full and empty states.

Note – if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows you will need to use the supplied registry patch to put the theme fully in place. After you have extracted the contents of the zip folder you download, navigate to the x64 folder and double click the file names x64_key.reg. In the Registry Editor pop-up that appears, click Yes to allow the contents of the file to be merged into the registry.

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A high quality theme that evokes all of the darkness of the Hallowe’en season.