GWX Stopper is a free tool which tries to stop Microsoft's "Get Windows 10" application, along with its various prompts and alerts.

The program requires installation, but don't let that put you off. There's no adware, just a couple of buttons on the interface ("Scan for malware", "Speedup your computer") which take you to the developer's site. If you click on them. Otherwise, no issues at all.

Operations couldn't be any easier. Run the program as an administrator, click "Stop GWX!", wait, and within a few seconds you'll be told it's disabled.

Experienced users might wonder, what's actually happened? As the developer explains in the ReadMe, it's very simple:

This command will disable the GWX scheduling tasks and renames the folder: c:\Windows\System32\GWX to "GWX-".

The same document also explains how to restore the program, if necessary:

1. To restore GWX you should rename the folder:
"c:\Windows\System32\GWX-" to "c:\Windows\System32\GWX".
2. OpenWindows Task Scheduler.
3. Go to the folder: Microsoft\Windows\Setup\GWX.
4. Enable GWX and GWXTriggers scheduled tasks.
5. Restart your computer.

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GWX Stopper is so simple that experienced users will probably find it easier to disable GWX manually, than install and use the program. But if you've a less technical friend who needs some help then GWX Stopper is a simple and relatively safe way to eliminate Microsoft's "Windows 10" upgrade alerts.