GIRDAC Free PDF Creator is a straightforward tool that allows you to save any printable document as a PDF file.

Just like most similar utilities, the program works by installing a virtual printer driver. All you then have to do is open the document you'd like to save as a PDF, select the Print option, and choose the GIRDAC printer - it'll then create the PDF file in the folder of your choice.

If you view the printer preferences option then you can take a little more control over the results. In particular you're able to set the PDF file resolution to anything from 72 (small file size, quality) to 4,000 dpi (high quality, but huge file).

What you can't do, though, is configure any of the usual PDF-specific options. There's no support for tweaking font embedding rules, or image compression methods. You can't define how the PDF file will look when it's opened, or set the file's metadata, or password-protect the file, or explore any of the other high-end features the PDF format makes available.

If you're just after a simple PDF creation tool then this could be an advantage, of course, as there's nothing complex here to get in your way.

If you need more, though, you might want to try GIRDAC's PDF Creator Pro, instead. This not only supports customising PDF security, view settings, watermarks and other optimisations, but it also allows you to combine multiple files to create a single PDF, and directly supports converting Word documents to PDF to retain the maximum amount of formatting. It's yours for $19.95 and you can find out more at the GIRDAC site.

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If you're looking to create standard PDF files only then you won't find anything simpler than GIRDAC Free PDF Creator. But if you'll ever want to tweak fonts, view settings, metadata or more, then look elsewhere - none of that is supported here