GFXplorer is a tiny, portable tool (a single sub-400KB executable) which collects and displays basic information on your PC's hardware and software.

The simple interface presents its report over four tabs.

"Windows" covers the Windows version, type (32/ 64-bit), total/ free physical and virtual memory, .NET and DirectX versions, and the location of key Windows folders.

"CPU, RAM, MB" displays hardware details on your CPU, RAM banks, motherboard and BIOS.

"Video, Audio, Drives" lists your GPUs, audio adapters and monitors, provides some technical details on your drives (model, firmware, capacity, sectors, tracks, cylinders etc) and the total/ free space for each partition.

A "Tools" has buttons which launch various system applets: Registry Editor, Steps Recorder, Task Manager, Event Viewer, Device Manager and more.

There's also an Export button which saves details of the current PC to a plain text or RTF file.

New in version 3.10.0:

Added icons to the "Export" and "Close" buttons;
Added support for .Net Framework 4.7;
Minor tweaks.

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There's nothing special or outstanding here, but GFXplorer does bring together some useful data, and its tiny size and portability (it runs on anything from Windows 2000 up) is a plus.