Generate Folder is a compact free tool which helps users move one or more files into new folders with the same name (Steve.jpg > .\Steve, Jane.jpg > .\Jane, etc).

Installation is simple. Unzip the download, move its executable to a safe folder somewhere, and run it. The program sets itself up as an Explorer extension, and then stays out of your way until you need it.

Right-click a single file, select Send To > Generate Folder and the program creates a folder with the same name (less the extension) and moves the file there.

Select several files, click Send To > Generate Folder and you're asked if you want to move your files to a single folder. Click "Yes", you're asked for the folder name, it's created and the files are moved; click "No" and the program creates separate folders for each file, as previously.

If you don't need Generate Folder any more then just run the executable again, and you're given options to reinstall or remove it.

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Generate Folder is a simple tool which works as advertised, quickly organising your selected files, and could save a little time for some people. It's easily removed, too, so feel free to try it if you're unsure - you can strip it out later in a few seconds.