It is increasingly common for people to find themselves working with two or more Macs in different locations, and it is often the case that even when working on a different machine you will still need access to the same information. One option is to export and import data from one machine to another, but a better option is to automatically keep data synchronised.

Fruux is a free tool which can be used to synchronise your address book, calendars, tasks and bookmarks. The first time you access the tool you will be prompted to create a free online account which will then be used to keep data in sync.

The preference pane will need to be installed on all of the Macs you need to keep synchronised. You can choose precisely what should be kept in sync and in the case of calendars and contacts you can select specific calendars or groups that should be used.

Synchronisation can be performed on a manual or automatic basis and you are able to manually opt to replace the data in your online account with that from one of your Macs, or vice versa. Fruux can also be used as a backup tool, but if you want to ensure that you always have access to the information you need, it is an immensely useful utility.

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Anyone who works with two or more Macs will reap the benefits of keep key data synchronised between computers.