Windows offers a number of ways to customise its look and feel but this can mean having to rummage through a large number of Control Panel settings. There are also a number of customisations that can be put in place by editing the registry, but this is not something that everyone is happy to do.

Fresh UI is a tweaking tool that provides easy access to a wide range of tweaks, customisations and settings in one handy interface. Whatever version of Windows you are using the program enables you change settings relating to the operating system itself as well as adjusting hardware configuration and settings for individual programs.

Each of the tweaks is neatly categorised so if you're looking to change a particular type of setting, the option should be easy to find. While a lot of the tweak available can be implemented by using the Control Panel it is handy to have access to such a wide range of options in one program and there are many tweaks that simply cannot be easily applied elsewhere.

Fresh UI makes it easy to iron out some of Windows' annoyances and personalise the operating system to suit your style of working. If there's something you would like to change about Windows, there's a high chance you can change it with Fresh UI.

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A great collection of tweaks that can be used to personalise Windows and make it look and work the way you want it to.