One of the most keenly missed features of older versions of Windows is the option to print out folder listings. This is something that STG FolderPrint Plus is capable of doing as well as providing print outs of information about individual files. The program can be used to print out a list of the contents of a particular folder, or a filtering system can be used to print out, for example, a list of all of your MP3 files.

The filtering system can also be used in conjunction with masks so only files and folders that meet certain criteria are included. The display and printout can be customised by choosing which files details should be included as well as making use of backgrounds, borders, headers and footers as required.

As well as printing, folder listings can also be exported to a variety of formats including HTML, CSV, JPG and PDF. STG FolderPrint Plus can also look inside zip files and print out information about their contents, including specially formatted CDs covers, which is useful for cataloguing backups. This is a very versatile tool which has been well executed and will be welcomed by seasoned computer users for reinstating a much loved feature.

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Directory printing comes to Windows at last - STG FolderPrint Plus will be welcomed by computer users worldwide.