FileTool is a simple tool which provides two ways to help you test other programs.

You might have found a file unlocker, for instance, a program which frees up locked files so they can be copied or deleted. But how can you safely test it?

Drag and drop some files onto FileTool and they'll automatically be locked. You can even choose a lock type (Share Delete/ Read/ Write).

Confirm the files really are locked by trying to copy or move them manually, then use your file unlocker and see if it helps.

You could also use this to test backup programs, or anything else that must open and process a large number of files. What will your target application do if it finds some locked files? Now it's easy to find out.

FileTool's second function allows creating multiple folders, each containing multiple files, of whatever size you need.

You might use this to create hundreds of folders, with thousands of files, for testing drive copy performance, search speed, or anything else file-related.

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FileTool isn't the kind of tool you'll need often, but there are some useful software testing features here, and it's well worth the 100KB download.