ExtraBits is an Explorer extension which adds some time-saving commands to the file and folder right-click menu.

The program is free for non-commercial use, but only works on up to 100 files or folders in a single operation.

Select and right-click multiple files or folders, right-click, select ExtraBits and a menu appears with several options.

"Copy Filenames" copies all the files or folder names to the clipboard, one per line.

"Copy Filenames with Options" gives more control. You can include or exclude the path, include the file type, size or modified date, drop file extensions, change separators, use a different sort order, or create some new text processing scheme of your own.

"Paste Filename" renames a file or folder with text from the clipboard.

"Multi Rename" is a simple batch file renamer. You can change any text your targets have in common, add prefixes, suffixes and more.

"Extract Folder" moves all files in a folder to the parent, then deletes the source folder.

"Delete Empty Folder" finds and deletes empty folders.

Buying a licence for $20 allows commercial use, and removes the 100 file and folder limit.

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ExtraBits worked as advertised for us, and if you'll use some or all of its file management functions - and you can live with the 100 file/ folder limit - then it should save you time.