EverDoc 2018 is a simple document manager and archiving tool.

The program is very easy to use. It installs a virtual printer driver, so whenever you print an important file, it can (optionally) step in, intercept and archive the document, before forwarding it to your real printer.

You don't have a printer? No problem, you can still use the virtual printer as a capture tool, or simply drag and drop the files onto EverDoc and they'll be automatically imported.

Open EverDoc at some later point and it displays all your captured files with a thumbnail preview. Click one of these and there are options to open the document, print it, or view its containing folder.

Your archive is fully indexed. Type any keyword in the Search box (hard to see due to the black/ grey colour scheme, but it's immediately above the calendar) and press Enter to see any matches.

Cou can also add keywords to any document. Pick a file, click in the Keywords box, choose an existing keyword or enter something new, and that's it. Select any combination of keywords on the main screen and click Search to display any matches.

EverDoc can also index, search and retrieve the contents of your Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive folders. Built-in OCR means it can even accept images - or image PDF - and accurately extract whatever text it contains. Check the program settings for more on this and other features.

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Store, archive and manage your document collection.