EpCheck is a portable tool which downloads and displays information about your favourite TV shows, including every episode from every series, with a basic episode overview, details of upcoming broadcasts (in the US), and links to various web resources (TVDB, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing).

The process starts at the Search tab, where you enter the name of a TV show. EpCheck then grabs and displays all its data from TheTVDB.com, including every episode name, overview, air time and network. You can browse these as you like, or mark selected episodes as "watched".

A "Weekly" then shows yesterday's, today's and upcoming broadcasts, great for planning your viewing.

Right-clicking any episode displays options allowing you to search for that episode online.

This is all surprisingly configurable, too. Would you like the program to open with a different tab, display more future days in the Week view, use different fonts, close with the Esc key? Click the Options tab and start tweaking.

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The best way to track TV shows is normally via an app or TV website, but if you need something simple for the desktop, which works offline, then epCheck is worth a try.