EasyUEFI is a handy tool which allows you to manage your PC's EFI/ UEFI settings and EFI system partitions, without rebooting into your BIOS.

On launch the program displays two graphical buttons, one for each of its main functions: "Manage EFI Boot Option" and "Manage EFI System Partition".

The "Boot Option" module displays your system partitions and the list of boot entries. You're able to create new entries, delete, disable or edit existing options, change the boot order, and back up or restore your boot entry list.

The "System Partition" option provides tools to back up, restore or rebuild your EFI System Partition.

Please note, this edition is only free for personal use. Upgrading removes that limit, and adds support for Windows Enterprise and Windows Server, the ability to create a bootable WinPE disk, and command line support.

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EasyUEFI is a (relatively) straightforward UEFI manager with some handy extra features.