Droid Optimizer is a free Android maintenance app from PC utilities developer Ashampoo.

The app's home screen displays key details on your system status, including free RAM and storage space.

A Cleanup module can stop background apps, clean your device cache or browser history with a tap, while a more capable Junk Finder locates surplus and large files.

The App Manager lists your apps, displays details on them and allows them to be uninstalled.

The Privacy Manager highlights potentially "suspicious apps", anything which requires the most critical permissions. You can review these in fine detail, and again, remove the app if necessary.

A "1-Touch Speed Up" feature automatically closes some background apps, then lets you know how much RAM it's freed.

There are various automation options, too. You can have Droid Optimizer automatically stop background apps, clear your cache or browser history, at the frequency of your choosing. A separate Good Night Scheduler helps to extend battery life by optionally turning off wifi, bluetooth, background apps, auto sync and more, during the time periods you specify.

What's New

- Junk Finder
- Improved performance
- Warning dialogs added
- Whitelist feature to hide files
- Root Features
- Deactivate / Disable / Freeze apps
- All apps can be deleted (with warning dialog)
- Design
- Small material design makeover
- Colored Statusbar
- Reset background color (Always yellow? Reset -> blue)
- Bugfix:
- SD-Card should be shown now
- Crash fixed from newest update

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

There's nothing radically new here, but Droid Optimizer does what it claims and it's ad-free, too. Worth a try.