Install software on your computer and it’s soon out-of-date. Even a minor bug fix can affect how your favourite software performs on your computer. If you have Windows 7 installed on your PC, then it’s paramount you have the latest revision as software developers quickly fix system-related issues as soon as they are reported by users.

Of course, one solution would be to make a regular visit to Downloadcrew. We aim to keep the most popular software up-to-date, so if you browse and use the site regularly your software will never be out-of-date. However, most people can’t always remember what software they have installed on their computer and it’s some of the obscure startup applications that can cause the most issues on your machine.

For this reason, we’ve released the Downloadcrew UpdateScanner. Install this tool on your PC and it will reside in your System Tray and periodically check your installed software against the Downloadcrew database and will warn you if updates are available. You can then go to the Downloadcrew website, quickly see the updated software and download to your computer. Once the updated software is installed, the update notifications will clear.

You need a Downloadcrew account, so make sure you set this up before you install UpdateScanner. If you have unsupported software installed on your computer, you can report this to Downloadcrew by clicking the ‘Report’ icon next to each application within the ‘Installed Applications’ section of Downloadcrew. We have to manually enter each application in to our database to add support within UpdateScanner.

We need your help: what we need you to do is download, install and report back any unsupported applications. When you install Downloadcrew UpdateScanner, inserting your Downloadcrew user/pass, you can check your installed apps online, at or by clicking the blue arrow to the right of the Downloadcrew titlebar. Here you can install your installed applications. When you see unsupported applications, simply click on the orange Report icon and you can send us the unsupported application name. Only the title of the unsupported app is sent. Nothing more. We will then add these software titles to our database (something we need to do manually) and the application should be supported in the near future.

Important: whilst Downloadcrew is still in development, you need to register an account at or through the store.

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This is official Downloadcrew software that is designed to scan your installed software, examine against our database and inform you whether there are updates to your applications