It can be hard acknowledging the fact that Windows does anything better than the Mac, but one neat feature has to be the live thumbnail preview windows you get when rolling your mouse over open applications in the Windows 7 taskbar. If you’ve got loads of windows open – particularly in the same application – it can be a real timesaver.

The good news is that this feature has been bought to Snow Leopard in the guise of DockView. Just install the software and roll your mouse over the icons in your dock to view your thumbnail previews. You can switch to windows and applications directly from the preview window and close them too, just like in Windows 7. Better still, DockView adds several features not found in Windows 7’s native preview windows: resize the preview window to suit your needs, and customise it with one of six available styles. There are also controls found on selected applications: playback controls on iTunes, QuickTime and VLC Media Player, for example, and a “Get mail” button in Windows Mail too.

The program is free to try for an indefinite period, but you’ll get a nag popping up every now and them. The paid version costs US$7.99, which could be a small price to pay if you find it helps navigate your open windows quickly and conveniently.

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DockView brilliantly replicates the rollover thumbnail preview windows found on Windows 7's taskbar: if you regularly lose track of open windows and programs, it's an indispensable addition to your armoury.