The problem with many to do apps and time management tools is that they provide scope for too much information to be made available. While you may well need to know what you have to do in the month ahead, on a day to day basis it is likely that you need only concern yourself with what needs to be done today and tomorrow. This is something that Do It (Tomorrow) makes easy by limiting your schedule to the next 48 hours.

The app takes the form of a virtual notebook that only has two pages - one for today's events and one for tomorrow's. New tasks can be easily added and a couple of taps is all it takes to cross something off the list, delete it altogether or move it from the today list to tomorrow's.

Do It (Tomorrow) has an interesting approach to time and project management, and it is going to work well for many people. As an app, however, it is slightly lacking. The fact that it is not possible to re-order a list that has been created means that task prioritisation is not available, and many users will be annoyed that the app does not feature the ability to save completed tasks so you can see what has been accomplished over time.

There is also an HD version of the app available that adds one of these features - the ability to re-order items. It also includes the option of synchronising your lists online and iPad users can take advantage of a special two page mode when working in landscape.

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A novel approach to to do list that will suit some people but annoy others. As Do It (Tomorrow) is a free app, there's no harm in giving it a try.