Diskeeper 2011 provides essential system performance and efficiency that all desktops and laptops need in order to function at their optimum speed. By preventing the majority of fragmentation (scattered file fragments randomly placed across the hard drive), before it can happen and instantly defragmenting the rest, Diskeeper 2011 brings data flow up to peak speed for the maximum possible productivity of your machine.

Files are written in pieces and scattered around the disk, creating a huge waste of system resources and progressively accumulating I/O bottlenecks. Diskeeper’s IntelliWrite feature prevents this fragmentation occurring by writing files contiguously, and with the new InvisiTasking technology designed to use idle system resources faster, Diskeeper can maintain performance on even the largest and busiest systems with zero resource conflicts.

Diskeeper 2011 also sees a brand new feature called Instant Defrag which now ensures no newly fragmented files can slow performance by immediately defragmenting them. Its technology understands how your files are used and ensures they never have to be read in pieces. There is also a new Efficiency mode, which only defragments files that are causing system slows, thus you aren’t defragmenting unnecessarily.

Finally, there is also a free space consolidation engine which swiftly consolidates free space. This feature tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it occurs.

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  • Increases computer speed – by speeding up file access, application launches, email and internet browsing.
  • Increases user productivity – by eliminating fragmentation-related performance issues that cause PC slows.
  • Increases hard drive lifespan – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity and hard drive failures.
  • Increases hard drive free space – by consolidating about 90% of free space into less than a dozen chunks.
  • Increases storage performance – by maximising the performance of your PC hard drive (slowest part of your PC).