Disk2vhd is a portable free tool for creating VHD (Microsoft's virtual drive format) versions of the drives on your system. You could use this to effectively access your system in a Microsoft Hyper-V/ Virtual PC-based virtual machine, either on your own or any other compatible PC.

The program has very few options. At a minimum, you can just select the volumes you'd like it to include (version 2.0 adds support for WinRE volumes and removable drives), and the name and location of the final VHD.

There's an option to "Use Volume Shadow Copy", which should allow the program to copy files, even if they're open or locked.

Finally, "Use Vhdx" will export your file in the newer Vhdx format, which significantly improves performance over VHD. Leave this setting checked unless you know you'll only be able to use the older format.

When you're happy, click Create, then wait as your Vhd(x) is created. This can take a while, but fortunately Disk2vhd predicts and displays the time it's likely to finish, so you don't have to wait around unnecessarily.

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A simple and effective way to convert your system into a virtual format