Desktop Media is a simple tool that automatically maintains shortcuts on your desktop for every available drive.

If you have multiple hard drives or partitions, then these shortcuts will be present all the time. CD/ DVD drive icons will only appear when they contain a disc. And USB drive icons appear when the drive is inserted, disappear again when it's removed, much as in Explorer.

Desktop Media makes it easy to see all your drives at a glance, then, as well as access them immediately, without having to open My Computer first. But that's not all. The program also supports adding network and RAM disk drives. You can tell it to ignore particular drive letters, so your attention is focused on important drives only. And Drive Media can even save the positions of your icons, to keep them out of the way of your application windows.

Best of all, Drive Media is extremely lightweight. While it's always running in the background, memory consumption could be as little as 1.8MB on our test PC, and unless we changed our drive setup, for example plugging in a USB key, the program used no real CPU time at all. And so the extra convenience in easy drive access comes with a minimal cost in system resources.

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An easy way to get more convenient access to all your drives