Whether you want to jot down a quick note, sketch out an idea or just doodle, it takes time to fire up an application - time in which your idea may be lost. Desktastic enables you to use your entire desktop as a workspace, and a single key press is all it takes to switch to this mode.

Desktastic is best used in conjunction with a graphics tablet, but it can also be used with a keyboard and mouse. With various pen sizes, colours and widths available, what initially seems like quite a simple tool can in fact be used in a number of ways.

Text can also be typed anywhere on your desktop and a stamp can be used to repeat an image several times. Opacity can be adjusted and an eraser tool is available to wipe out mistakes.

Your notes and doodles can be saved or printed and the auto-save feature means that remembering to manually save is not necessary. If you have a Wacom tablet connected to your Mac, you can take advantage of pressure sensitivity.

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Cheap, useful and fun, Desktasic is a great app to have installed for those moments when you need to a digital notebook or sketch pad.