Macs are held in high regard for their beauty, and if you have gone to the effort of choosing a stunning desktop background, why would you want it to be covered up with icons? DeskShade is a nifty utility which not only gives you an uninterrupted view of your desktop, but also doubles up as a handy security tool.

You can choose to use an image or a video as your desktop background, and when your computer is locked, all that is displayed is this background. This means that you can not only benefit from an uncluttered desktop, but you can also prevent unauthorised access to your computer thanks to password protection.

DeskShade helps to keep your Mac looking beautiful, but those desktop icon - which can prove handy from time to time - can be accessed if and when required.

With customisable keyboard shortcuts and stunning animation effects that accompany moving between desktops, DeskShade makes your Mac good looking, secure and fun t use.

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A unique utility that keeps your desktop looking precisely as you want it to, while offering protection against unauthorised access.