Desk Drive is a small and simple tool which makes it easier to access your drives.

Once running, the program automatically adds a shortcut to your desktop whenever a USB drive is plugged in, a CD is inserted, a network drive connected, and so on (the Settings dialog allows you to choose what the program monitors). This has the name of the drive, its drive letter, used and free space. Double-clicking it immediately opens the drive's root folder in Explorer, so there's no need to manually hunt for it any more. And when you disconnect the drive, the shortcut disappears.

Neat though this is, Desk Drive has some issues. In particular, it's not going to be much use if you hide your desktop icons; alternative options, like accessing the drive from the program's system tray icon, might have been useful.

Still, if you can use the desktop then Desk Drive does provide a simple way to view and access your drives, and it could save you a little time.

Version 2.1 introduces a useful setting: "Remind me to remove media". Enable this, and the program will try to display an alert if you shut down or log off a PC while your device is still connected.

Please note, Desk Drive's setup program tried to add five toolbars to our system during installation. If you're not interested, then look out for - and make heavy use of - the "Decline" button.

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It's a little basic, but if you're tired of forever opening Explorer and hunting for USB keys then Desk Drive could prove a time-saving tool.