CSVed is a tiny portable tool for viewing, searching, editing and generally processing CSV files.

At its simplest, you could use the program as a viewer, opening a file, browsing its contents and searching for the text you need (with regular expression support).

There are options to edit, insert, add and remove items, delete or remove columns, run search and replace operations, and more.

CSVed has plenty of file processing options, too. You're able to append files, merge them, change their separator, scan them for errors (like having more or less columns in some lines), repair them, even export your files to Excel, HTML, DOC, PDF and more.

Version 2.4 changes:
    - changeable DQ

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CSVed has been around for many years, and built up a lengthy list of powerful features. These don't always work as you expect, though, and the sheer volume of tabs, buttons, lists and options can be intimidating at first. Don't let that put you off - it's worth having just as a viewer - but be prepared for the learning curve if you'd like to do anything advanced.