Cmder is a tiny free software package (based on console enhancement tool "ConEmu" and Bash-like editor "clink") which extends the Windows command line in some very useful ways.

There's tab support, for instance. If you're working in two folders, there's no need to keep typing the full path; just press Ctrl+T to create a new tab with a second session. This can easily be launched as an administrator, or another user. Right-clicking any tab then reveals a host of interesting options: you can switch tabs to a separate window, close or restart them, take a screenshot, search for text, and much more.

You get plenty of helpful keyboard shortcuts. Shift+Up moves you up to the parent directory; Alt+Enter toggles full screen on and off; Ctrl+' sends cmder to the taskbar, and brings it back; and Ctrl+Alt+2 launches PowerShell, which of course then also benefits from the other cmder features.

The real power here is probably the line editor, though. Editing text in cmder works much as it does in any other Windows applications; you can press Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard, say, or Ctrl+Z to undo. And there are many more advanced command completion, editing and history tools waiting to be discovered.

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There's very little new here, as cmder is really just repackaging ConEmu and clink. It's a good package, though, and if you're not already using those tools then cmder will be a quick and easy way to improve your command line experience.