ClipAngel is a powerful clipboard manager which saves the text and images you copy to the clipboard for easy recall later.

The program looks much like any clipboard manager. Leave ClipAngel visible while you copy items to the clipboard and you'll see them added to its history.

What's actually happening in the background is a little more interesting. The program supports multiple formats, for instance - text, HTML, RTF, files, images - and maintains details about where these clipboard items came from.

For example, if you copy some text from a web page, ClipAngel saves and displays the source URL as well. That's a very handy extra which turns the program into a simple web research tool.

More generally, every item in your clipboard history has an icon. Sometimes this only represents the item format, but often you'll see the icon of the source application. If you've just pasted a series of bitmaps from your graphics editor, for example, this enables finding them quickly.

There are many ways to rework your clipboard history. You can delete items, rename them, move them up or down the list, mark some as favourites, or filter them by type ("show only images").

Another neat feature sees history items highlighted once they've been used.

Unusually, it's possible to edit the text of individual clipboard items, helpful if it's something you'll mark as a favourite and reuse in several places.

Pasting something from the list can be as easy as double-clicking it. ClipAngel automatically disappears and the item is pasted into your application, if possible.

Right-click options enable pasting items as they are, or as plain text, losing any formatting.

There's an option to enter text by simulating keypresses, which might enable clipboard text to be entered even in applications which don't support paste.

The clipboard history is persistent, reloaded when you next launch the application, and even this feature delivers more than you'd expect. Your data is saved in an encrypted SQLite-based database, ensuring snoopers can't easily see what you've been doing.

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ClipAngel has a LOT of features - the "Clip" menu has 19 items all on its own - and it's not immediately clear how all of them work. But the basics are easy enough to pick up, and if you need this level of power it's well worth spending time learning the rest.