Clink is a small tool which adds some useful extras to the Windows command line.

If you're a Linux fan then the big news here will probably be the Bash-like line editing from Gnu's Readline library.

Installing clink also adds the ability to paste text from the clipboard via Ctrl+V (no need to use the right-click context menu any more).

There's an improved command line history, too, which persists across sessions (just press the Up or Down cursor keys to recall previous commands).

If you press Tab then the program can display available paths, matching executables or commands. So if you're in the Windows folder, say, and know you need to run a net*.exe command but can't remember which one, typing net and pressing Tab will display all the possibilities (on our PC, netstat.exe, net.exe, netbtugc.exe, netiougc.exe, netplwiz.exe, net1.exe, netcfg.exe, netsh.exe).

And as long as you choose the installation option to run clink along with Cmd.exe then you don't have to do anything extra to get these features; just launch a command line as usual and they'll all be available.

clink 0.4.8 brings:

- Environment variable 'clink_profile' overrides Clink's profile path (#390).

- Load a clink_inputrc file from Clink's profile directory (fixes #406).

- Bug fixes;

- Redraw issues when prompts end in OSC ANSI codes (#387, #384).

- Fixed 'clink autorun --help' crash.

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It's mostly aimed at PC experts, but clink also adds some small and simple command line features which will benefit everyone