Cleanup Assistant is a suite of tools which are designed to help clean up your hard drive and optimise your PC.

A junk file finder will track down files left behind by both Windows and common applications, for instance. And it did a reasonably good job in our tests, identifying about the same amount of junk as CCleaner (at its default settings).

You can also search for files that are exact duplicates, or locate similar audio files by comparing their ID3 tags.

A "Remove programs" module will list your installed applications in order of size, then remove any you don't need at a click.

And bonus extras include tools that allow you to view and control your Windows startup programs, and securely wipe specified folders, files or removable USB flash drives.

You get plenty of features, then, but the suite's interface lets it down a little.

If you're running a search for duplicate pictures, say, you'd expect any resulting report to display the images it finds. Cleanup Assistant doesn't, though: you get the file names only, with no way to check exactly what they contain.

Some operations, like the Duplicate File Finder, can take a long time to run, but provide no way to cancel them. And when the program is busy, the interface can stop responding and you might assume it's locked up (although in our experience Cleanup Assistant always returned to life if you waited long enough).

If you're not put off by any of this, though, you might like to know that there's also a Cleanup Assistant Pro version available, which adds tools to help you analyse folder, software and media usage, manage your Windows services and scheduled tasks, batch rename files, securely wipe free hard drive space, and manage your music library. The program is priced from 29.95 Euros and may be ordered from the Cleanup Assistant site.

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Cleanup Assistant has plenty of powerful features, but the clunky interface means using them is more difficult than it ought to be