Christmas Suite Screensaver is a free screensaver which comes packed with more Christmas and winter themes than you could ever possibly imagine.

Installation is simple, and apart from opening a browser window at the developer's site post-setup we didn't notice any marketing.

On launch the screensaver displays a snowy winter scene, with children playing, Santa passing through on his sleigh, animated animals, a snowman, tweeting birds, a barking dog, a rabbit in a Santa hat, a squirrel with a candy cane, floating "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" messages, and after a brief pause, the seasonal sounds of a young child singing "Little Snowflake".

If that's just too much, there is one way to cut the Christmas overload. Launch the Screen Saver Settings applet, click Settings and there's an option to turn off the audio.

Please note: we're unsure whether it was just our test PC, but the screensaver wouldn't close if we moved or clicked the mouse. If the same thing happens to you, just press Escape instead.

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Christmas Suite Screensaver is stuffed with Christmas and winter themes, but will it leave you full of seasonal cheer or laughing at its holiday overload? We're not sure-- check it out for yourself.