CHM to PDF is a simple tool which makes it easy to convert CHM files (a format commonly used for program help or e-books) to PDF, making them viewable on many more platforms.

The program provides very few options, and most of those can be left at their default settings. Just choose your source CHM file, click Convert, and a PDF of the same name (File.CHM > File.PDF) will be produced in the same folder.

If you need the PDF files to be very small then you can try selecting the "Greyscale" or "Low quality" options, or perhaps both. The documents won't look as impressive, but if you only want to read the text then there should be no problems.

Does it work? Most of our test conversions went well, but some were disasters, small islands of text separated by one or more blank pages. We couldn't find any clear way to predict the results, either. If you must export your CHM files to PDF, give it a try, but otherwise, using CHM Decoder to save them as HTML may prove more effective.

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Quick, simple and easy to use, CHM to PDF often does a good job of converting your files - but we also had some spectacular failures. It's worth trying, but don't expect too much.