If you want to keep files in sync between your Mac or PC and your Android device, it can be a pain to have to do so manually. Cheetah Sync is a free app that works in conjunctions with desktop software to enable you to automate the process.

Once the apps have been configured, there will be no need to manually copy files from one place to another as it can all be taken care of for you. All that is needed is a wireless internet connection and you're good to go - Cheetah Sync does not require you to upload files to a server before downloading them on another machine.

When you have decided which folders contain the file you would like to synchronise, you need to create a folder pair. Once this has been created, you can choose how frequently synchronisation should occur and choose any additional options such as file filtering.

There are options available that enable you to choose what happens if it transpires that files have been changed on both your computer and your Android. Copies can be made if any conflicts are detected so there is no danger of losing any files. Whether you are looking to keep work files available on your Android, or want to synchronise your images, Cheetah Sync makes things as easy as possible.

What's New

* Version 1.7.6
** Grant access fixes for Lollipop
* Version 1.7.2
** Support for Lollipop!
* Version 1.6.1
** Fixed: Home buttons too dark on some devices
* Version 1.6.0
** New: Re-skinned the UI for modern Android

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A wonderful piece of software that will make your life a great deal easier.