ByteScout PDF MultiTool is an unusually powerful tool for working with PDFs.

The program opens as a simple viewer. Open a PDF and you can page through it, zoom in or out, rotate pages, search for text and more.

A left-hand pane organises PDF MultiTool's more interesting functions into a tree, with three main sections.

"Data Extraction" has tools to extract text, embedded images, attachments and XFA form data from the selected area, the current page or the entire document. That would be useful at any level, but PDF MultiTool offers real depth. It can extract text from image files (via OCR) as well as regular documents, optionally trim spaces, align text columns to any header, or unwrap lines, before exporting the results as TXT, CSV, XML, XLS or XFDF, and saving the results as a file or copying them to the clipboard.

It's a similar story in the "Conversion" section, where PDF MultiTool converts documents to images or HTML. As well as supporting some less common formats (GIF, multipage TIFF, EMF as well as JPG, BMP, PNG etc), it gives detailed control over compression methods, DPI, even CSS usage (there's an option to convert HTML controls to plain text).

The "Utilities" section is more familiar, with tools to display document metadata, rotate, split or merge files. But even here there are a few extras, including the ability to make a PDF document searchable via OCR. This didn't work well for us, but results will vary according to your source material, and it's good to have the option available.

Version 6.11.2193 brings:
    - pdf support improved
    - advanced options added to CSV, XML extractors
    - text search improved
    - table extraction support improved
    - minor bug-fixes
    - support for PDF attachments improved

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PDF MultiTool's is an interesting PDF toolkit, particularly good at extracting data from your documents, but with plenty of other unusual options to explore.