Baku is a full-featured PC management tool that comes packed with features to clean, repair, and optimise your system for the best possible performance.

The program can free up hard drive space, for instance, by scanning your PC for empty folders, old system restore points, temporary folders, shortcuts to missing files and folders, and more. An option to securely erase this data will prevent anyone from undeleting it later.

Baku can also locate and delete duplicate files, potentially saving a great deal of hard drive real estate. This can be risky with some tools, but here you're protected as the duplicate scan will ignore system files - you won't suddenly find you've deleted a core Windows DLL.

There's also a module to scan the Registry for broken and redundant entries left over by previously uninstalled applications. A clever MRU Scan option scans the Registry looking for "most recently used" documents lists, and other keys that can safely be deleted to save space and protect your privacy. And Baku will then compact your Registry to ensure it's taking up the absolute minimum of hard drive space, and RAM.

Of course there are some dangers involved here, as with every Registry cleaner, so we'd recommend creating a system restore point before you start. Baku will also make a backup of the Registry before it does anything, though, and if there are any problems later than you can easily restore it in just a few clicks.

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There's plenty of system cleaning functionality here. Baku locates files to delete according to their extension, though, which does mean there's a chance of wiping something important. Back up your system first, and be sure to browse the list of files Baku offers before you delete anything