AVG Performance 2016 is a set of tools for cleaning up and optimising PCs, Android devices and Macs.

AVG PC TuneUp covers all your PC maintenance needs, and we don't just mean the usual "empty the temporary folders and delete your browser history". The program cleans up after major applications, locates duplicate files, removes bulky startup programs, repairs and defragments your Registry, deactivates unnecessary processes, optimises battery life and more. If you're the hands-on type then you can take full control, but otherwise the program is able to do most of its work entirely automatically.

AVG Cleaner for Android frees up storage space by clearing unwanted cache files, your browser and app history, maybe old call and message conversations. An App Uninstaller helps view and uninstall your apps by size, data or battery use; Cleaner's profile system optimises battery life, and again there's an "auto maintenance" tool to tidy up your device on a regular basis.

AVG Cleaner for Mac concentrates on hard drive clutter. Its Disk Cleaner removes unwanted files to free up disk space, while Duplicate Finder searches your system for wasteful duplicate files.

You're not restricted to using just one of these, or one per device: the AVG Performance licence covers all your PC, Mac and Android hardware, no matter how many of each you've got.

And to keep things in order, you also get AVG Zen. Once you've set up an account (nothing complicated, just give them an email address and password), Zen acts as a central dashboard which displays all your devices along with their performance status, so if anything needs a tuneup then you'll spot it right away.

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There are a lot of optimisation tools around, but AVG Performance PRO's long list of powerful features, cross-platform reach and generous licence terms ensure it stands out from the crowd.