If you've noticed that your computer seems to be performing more sluggishly than in the past, Auslogics BoostSpeed may just be the program you've been looking for. Optimising Windows and the software you gave installed can easily turn into something of a full time job, but this handy collection tools tools can take care of the hard work for you.

The Clean Up section of the program can be used to eliminate junk and duplicate files from your hard drive as well as clearing out unnecessary entries from the registry. After this you can head to the Optimization section to defragment not only your hard drive, but also the registry to help boost system performance. Here you will also find tools to enhance your computer's online performance and to free up memory.

The Privacy And Security section includes the option to wipe internet traces, shred unwanted files and protect them against recovery, wipe entire hard drives and protect your computer against a range of security threats. Moving to the System Control section you can further boost performance by taking control of startup programs, manage Windows services and apply a wide range of tweaks. Each of the tools can be run individually for maximum performance enhancement, but the one button check up option is ideal for ongoing maintenance as it offers a quite fix.

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Reliable way to boost the performance of your computer with a minimum of effort.