If your PC seems slow after working on it for a while, you could reboot to get a clean start. But it might take a while, with maybe minutes of hard drive thrashing as various processes restart.

AlomWare Reset tries to achieve a similar effect by cleaning up your system, but without a full restart, and so runs to completion in just a few seconds.

With one click, AlomWare closes visible applications and open windows; ends non-system processes; frees and optimizes memory; clears the clipboard; turns NumLock on; relaunches Startup apps which aren't already running; wakes sleeping drives, and optionally clears your Recent Documents lists, empties the Recycle Bin and removes the junk from your Temp folders.

This is all easy enough to use, too. Launch the program, and in the trial version a copyright message is displayed until you click it (you don't have this delay once you buy a licence). A warning window explains what's about to happen, and offers a few options (you might kill some custom processes, or lock your PC after resetting). Click "Reset now" and the program does its work. Simple.

What's new? (Changelog)

- Bug fix: Trial message was showing for paid users.
- Internal fixes and optimizations.
- Minor changes to the manual.

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AlomWare Reset really is a quick way to free up RAM and other system resources, and it's certainly faster than rebooting. We're not sure if it's worth the money - especially as you could achieve similar results with a batch file - but there's no adware in the trial build, so if you like the idea then it's easy to try it for yourself.