While there are a number of tools that can be used to create and edit images and office documents on your iPhone, there is no obvious or easy way to transfer files between your mobile and computer. This is where Air Sharing HD can help, making it possible to mount your iPad as a wireless drive on your PC or Mac.

Using nothing more than drag and drop, files can then be transferred from your iPhone to your computer, or vice versa. The app can be used to view a wide variety of image formats and a familiar Finder-style interface is available for easy file navigation.

Images can be displayed as a slideshow and when viewing large documents, the app will save your location for the next time it is opened. Navigation is made easier thanks to the inclusion of a popup that allows for easy access of recently viewed folders.

Zipped documents can be viewed without the need for decompression and any file that can be opened in the app can also be printed. The iPad version of the program also adds greater control over folders, allowing for the creation and renaming of folders as well as copy, paste and move options.

Designed with the iPad in mind, the app allows for the viewing of larger documents, and the increased screen real estate means that a greater number of folders can be viewed at any one time.

To help keep your documents secure, password protection can be added, but it is also possible create a public folder to allow guest access to shared files. Air Sharing HD for iPad provides an excellent means of sharing files between your devices and browsing folders without the need to jailbreak.

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One of the easiest ways to share files between your Mac or PC and your iPad.