Abelssoft Undeleter 2019 is a free tool for recovering accidentally deleted files.

A clear and straightforward interface gets you started right away. Just point the program at the drive or device containing your lost files, optionally choose the file type (images, audio, documents) and click Next to begin.

Abelssoft Undeleter supports two scanning methods. Smart Scan is fast (it usually checks your drive in seconds), but may miss some files; Deep Scan finds every remaining fragment of your data, but could take much, much longer.

Select your preferred option, click Start, and scanning begins.

Any recoverable files are listed as they're found.

The final report can be lengthy, but fortunately there's a Search box to help you drill down to your lost files.

Once you're ready, manually select one or more target files, or press Ctrl+A to select them all.

Choose your destination folder and Abelssoft Undeleter  recovers the lost files for you. Double-click any file to open that folder in an Explorer window, ready for further examination.

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A simple tool for recovering lost files and as a bonus, relatively competitively priced.