Vine is an app from Twitter which can be used to record videos of up to six seconds in length which can then be shared with your followers.

Although you only have six seconds to play with, there is still scope for creativity. You do not have to fill the entire six seconds if you don’t want to, and nor are you required to record the full video in one go. Instead you could opt to record a stop-motion style video, or make a video compilation from a series of snapshots – the choice is yours.

If you've nothing to share yourself, no problem-- just browse channels like Sport, Movies or Comedy to see what everyone else is doing.

Find a creator you like and you can subscribe to them, too, much like other social networks, and be notified whenever they produce something new.

What's New

Bug fixes and improvements.


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A great way to not only share videos, but also see how creative you can get when you only have six seconds to play with.