The official iOS Twitter app proved very popular, but a recent update saw the addition of a feature called the Quick Bar which displays trending topics at the top of the timeline. For some people, this was seen as a useful inclusion, but for others it id little but irritate. TeeWee for Twitter is a remake of the Twitter app which is lacking this feature.

Although noticeably more colourful, TeeWee for Twitter is almost identical to the Twitter app and includes a virtually identical set of features. A series of finger gestures can be used to interact with the timeline, so to view recent tweets from a certain user you can simply double tap their icon, while double tapping a tweet displays a threaded conversation view.

The app can be used to manage multiple Twitter account which is handy for anyone using the service for both business and personal use, or who just feels the need to have more than one account.

There are a number of interesting extra options such as the ability to translate foreign language tweets, the option of sharing the track you are currently listening to and the ability to check who has looked at your profile recently. If the Quick Bar has annoyed you, TeeWee is an excellent replacement twitter client that removes this unnecessary screen element.

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A feature-rich Twitter client that includes everything you need for advanced tweeting without some of the less pleasing aspects of the official app.