If like millions of other people you participate in social networking, you probably use a number of individual apps to keep up to date with RSS feeds, Facebook posts, Twitter timelines and other networks. Flipboard is a great looking app for iPhone and iPad users that creates a personalized magazine for you using the social networks that you subscribe to – so rather than heading to the Facebook app and then Twitter and then your news feeds, you can view a mashup of everything all in one place.

Beautiful is word that is often overused when describing iOS app, but it is one that is certainly applicable to Flipboard. But this is an app that is about much more than just good looks, it is also fantastically useful. Usability has been given a great deal of thought so you can flip through a timeline of news, stories and posts, working through a wealth of information in next to no time. The analogy of Flipboard being a magazine is a good one, as you are provided with a digital publication filled with only the content you are interested in.

You can also pull in content from the likes of Instragram, Tumblr and much more, and a recent addition to the app means that there is now integration with SoundCloud so you can use Flipboard to listen to sounds that have been shared by your friends. In addition to this you have the ability to browse through the Audio category to look for content feeds to subscribe to and this content, just like everything else, can be easily shared with others.

All of this content may seem like it could quickly mount up and give you more to read that you have time to deal with in one session. Luckily there is support for Instapaper or Readability so you can snip article you would like to your account ready to read when you are ready to without the need to work all the way through your feeds to find them again.

What's New in Version 4.2.17
-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Flipboard is regularly lauded in the top app lists, and this is entirely understandable. This is a stunning app that benefits from great looks and wonderful ease of use.