Social networking generally serves one of two purposes - letting other people know what you are up to, or finding out what your friends are doing. Ditto! is a social networking app that combines both of these ideas, creating what is essentially an amalgam of Facebook, Foursquare and other services.

Much like other social networks, Ditto! enables you to build up a list of friends and whenever you make an update to your status, you can choose between making it public or sharing only on a private basis. As well as making it easy to share your plans with others, Ditto! enables you to schedule meetings and dinner dates by simply indicating what you would like to do and seeing which of your friends is available.

Ditto! can be used to get recommendations from others - let it be known that you plan on going to a restaurant for dinner and your friends can let you know of places they have enjoyed. To benefit from even more recommendations, your status updates can also be shared on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

The app can be used as a location based service to find nearby restaurants, discover which movies are showing in the area and much more. The idea behind the app is interesting, but it seems to be trying to replace phone calls when it comes to making plans with others. It works, but there are plenty of other apps that can be used in very much the same way.

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Ditto! offers little that is new or interesting. This is social networking for the sake of social networking.