WPD is a tool for exploring, understanding and tweaking Windows 10 privacy settings. We've seen many of these, you have too, but the program does have some unusual extras which help it stand out from the crowd.

The interface is up-to-date, for instance. The developer hasn't got it right in every area, but the program does actually look like it was written for Windows 10.

Hitting Privacy allows enabling or disabling more than 30 Group Policy, Windows services or scheduled tasks. Many of these are described "briefly", to put it politely - "UsbCeip", "dmwappushservice", "Sqm-Tasks" - but there's often helpful text which explains what the service does, and in some cases what might happen if it's disabled.

By default the program can use Windows Firewall rules to block access to specific telemetry-related IP addresses. It can also copy the IP addresses to the clipboard, allowing you to use them in the HOSTS file or anywhere else.

A bonus Uninstall option allows uninstalling some or all standard Windows apps from your PC. This generally isn't a good idea and can have unexpected effects, so only try this if you're sure it's necessary and you're confident you can recover if something goes wrong.

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WPD is a good-looking Windows telemetry blocker which gives you control over a large number of settings. But beware, there are no options to back up your original settings, create restore points or set your PC to use Windows defaults. If anything goes wrong, you're on your own.