WordCreator is a portable tool for generating new words based on your own custom rules and syllable lists.

At a minimum you can simply choose a word length and the number of words to generate, then click Create and browse the list.

Even the default rules generate interesting words. A single list of 25 names gave us examples like KUFEDOMA, LAVENAYO, LEBIHOSO and DUNOTEMI, very useful as readable passwords, or anywhere else you need new and original words (characters or places in a story, for instance).

If you need to take more control then there are many ways to tweak the results, including choosing syllable lists based on various languages, setting up new lists of your own, varying case or including "special" characters, and more.

Any words you create are displayed in a regular text box, allowing you to select text and copy it to the clipboard as usual.

Alternatively, the entire list may be saved in a single text file for processing elsewhere.


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WordCreator generated plenty of useful words for us, and there are many ways to reconfigure it if you need something more.