WinPatrol WAR is a commercial tool which uses a range of techniques to prevent ransomware encrypting your documents and files.

Essentially the program provides extra layers of security for your PC. Safe applications are recognised, unknown or untrusted applications are blocked from accessing your files, network shares, key Registry keys and more.

WinPatrol WAR won't get everything right, but if it causes problems with legitimate software then whitelisting it should restore normal operations.

If you're unsure about a program then you could check it with VirusTotal, run it as whitelisted just once, or allow partial access to your system (let it open files but not critical Registry keys). This gives you a chance to look at the package without trusting it entirely.

An Access History feature is the last resort, showing you the last 500 files and folder actions and the program responsible. If anything does get through WinPatrol WARs defences, it may be visible here.

Please note, the download is just a simple demo. You're able to browse the interface, but it won't offer any protection until you've purchased a licence.

What's new in 2017.5.720?

- Fixed bug that resulted in WinPatrol WAR using excessive CPU on some computers.

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WinPatrol WAR offers a good level of ransomware protection, but like all similar tools, it's also going to interfere with other applications (you can fix this with whitelisting, but it's an extra hassle). It's good value, though: the licence is a one-time payment and covers up to 5 PCs.